Color Me Pottery

My daughter is finally old enough to go to one of the happiest places on earth: after Disney World, Homegoods, and Elephant’s Trunk flea market comes the paint your own pottery place.

So. Many. Options.  We went this past week to start making some Christmas presents and continue with Operation Give-Eleanor-More-Attention-So-She-Doesn’t-Abuse-Her-Younger-Siblings.  (Grandparents may not want to look too closely at the pictures.)

All possible recipients can thank me now as when I asked Eleanor what she wanted to paint, she first pointed at this lovely.

We’ve done this a couple other times, but she’s actually drawing things and people and ideas now, so I was excited to see where her little creative brain would take her.  I steered her towards a few Christmas ornaments (you’re welcome, grandparents) and let her choose her colors.  She chose blue and orange and pink.  Classic Christmas pallet.

Carefully, so so carefully, she painted the top half of the tree.

We had time to do a second ornament and she chose another few squirts of color.  The incorporation of red was a festive touch.

I think this may be an apple tree.  We’re into drawing those.  But we’re also into drawing beds.

Had you been the woman and her three older daughters at the table nearby, what you would have heard at our table was: ‘That’s so nice… you need to keep painting the white areas.  Would you like a larger brush?  It looks like that one line has a lot of paint on it already, why don’t you keep covering the white areas.  This whole section is still white… do you think you can move your brush over to that part?  Yes, I can wash your brush.  That’s the color you were just using… still orange.  Why do they cook it?  To make the colors shiny and bright.  Why? Because that’s how the paint works.  Why? They just need to be cooked. Why? Ask the nice man who works here. Oh, that’s okay, we can wash that off later. I still see a lot of white…”

30 minutes later, and we had two very artistic Christmas ornaments ready for cooking.  I’m thinking of heading back one Friday night when they’re open late and getting my own painted pottery on… but I’m also thinking 37 is too old for hand made Christmas gifts.  By the way, Eleanor has found her camera face.. a sad day.

Oh-we went to Hands On Pottery, but there are lots of different ones out there.  For that special person who wants a hand painted ceramic gnome piggy back, how can you resist?!



p.s. I don’t want any comments from teacher friends about her pencil grip… we’re working on it.


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