When I Was Little I Walked 3 Miles To School In the Snow. And I Instagrammed.

I’m not one to jump into new technology.  I resist.  Case in point: Instagram.  I’m a newbie on the Instagram train.  Probably because I didn’t have an iPhone until 2 months ago….

Helicopter sighting.

For lack of any notable goings on at our suburban palace, I thought I might give you a glimpse of my newly discovered Instagram habit.

Almost crawling.

Before you ask, I don’t understand what ‘following’ someone on Instagram entails, so I don’t do that… I just snap the pretty pictures.

View from the playground.

I also don’t know the difference between all the different filters.  I tap whichever one is closest.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  But dang, they’re cool.

Flea market decor.

Maybe it’s like anything new, but I feel like I could take a picture of anything and it looks genius with Instagram.  Case in point:


It’s not lost on me that this post is tantamount to someone in 2012 joyously extolling the wonder of the world wide web or telephones that don’t even need a cord… but you’ve got to admit it’s awesome.  Just like other newfangled inventions: microwave ovens, karaoke, Swiffer…

Thank you for humoring me.

The ever present busssssss.

I promise I’ll get my act together and write something more interesting for tomorrow. (But don’t hold it against me if you get a slideshow of our last family vacation. It was in 2010.)



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