Playing With Our Food

It’s been a busy weekend (more on that tomorrow) so I wanted to quickly write up an activity we did on Friday.  For the record, I suspect most of you reading this have tried it, so I’m not really sharing anything new and exciting.  BUT… it is VERY easy, and it does keep the kids VERY occupied.  That counts for something, yes?

The ol’ colored spaghetti activity.

I actually made this at the same time as I was mixing up the puffy paint (once I’m in a kitchen/ craft mode, easier to bust out a few at a time!)  Here’s how you make it.  Wait for it.  Add food coloring to the water when you’re boiling your spaghetti.  I know.  Not what you were thinking, huh?

I made one batch that I think was blue, but as you can see I was a sissy with the food coloring so it ended up green.  To save on time, I just scooped out the green spaghetti, added more uncooked spaghetti to the already boiling water and added a heap more blue food coloring (like 30 drops… again, I’m sure you smart folks could surmise that the more food coloring you add, the brighter the spaghetti will come out).

I also added a touch of oil so the spaghetti would be easier to handle and I cooked it more on the al dente side.  That’s a fancy way of saying sticky/ less cooked; literal translation is “to the tooth.”  (And now I don’t feel so bad about this simple activity because I’ve taught you some Italian.)

Long story short, I plopped down 4 colorful piles of spaghetti in front of each child and let them have at it.  You can tell by the blur, that Oliver took a more ‘active’ approach to his noodles where Eleanor tried to make pictures out of hers.

At some point trucks got involved, but isn’t that always the case?





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