Let the Princess Begin

You know that scene in St. Elmo’s Fire when Wendy (Mare Winningham) first brings Billy (Rob Lowe) home to her parent’s house for dinner and her mother whispers when she mentions anything tragic? No? Well cut to the chase, my daughter has discovered [whispered voice]… princesses.

It’s been percolating for a couple of months with other costumes, but this week with her cousins has pushed her into a rabid, fevered, full princess boil.

Her day is spent in head-to-toe princess regalia. The first thing she does after she wakes up and gets dressed is run downstairs, yank off her clothing and shimmy into the closest sparkling, frilly, and bedazzled gown she can put her sweaty hands on.

I. Hate. Princesses. They have squeaky voices. They stand for not much more than being pretty. They don’t have any friends. They’re often helpless in search of some prince to save them. I know that for little girls Eleanor’s age it’s simply about the sparkle and the glitz and the dress and the grandeur of it all. So I hate in silence and ooh and aah appropriately at each costume change.

I’ve put a few princess costumes on my Christmas list for her, and I can see from the twirling and hopping and laughing that she loves this new world of make-believe and fantasy.

But don’t be surprised if you hear me muttering under my breath or suggesting that being a queen (or doctor) is even cooler (they’re in charge).




4 thoughts on “Let the Princess Begin

  1. Our worst nightmare has come true. Eleanor loves princesses and Cece does not. Good thing we’ll be nearby so we can cash in on that kid exchange pact we made when they were infants. Eleanor can come over and bedazzle to her heart’s content and Cece can go to you for some rough and tumble. Thank goodness for friends. 🙂

  2. K went through that phase too and it killed me. Now… She ‘hates’ princesses. I let her go through the phase and yes even bought some princess stuff then it was over. I tried to push pocohantas and Milan out of all of them since they were the fighters;) also got books from the series ‘do princesses ….? One was do princesses wear hiking boots? Love them! I have quickly learned not to fight those battles as much as I despise– we are in the make up thing now which I also despise !!!

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