ReEntry With A Little Help From Craig

Coming back from vacation is the worst, right? Aside from the sleeping in your own bed thing.  After a week with my sister and her family in Philly we arrived home on Sunday to a house with two working furnaces (thank you, CT Air Systems!), a lengthy December To-Do list, and an important fantasy football match for the husband (he won).

Busy at her cousin’s house.

I need another day to get organized so in lieu of a legit post with activities or projects or witty repartee, I figured I could accomplish two things at once: trawling Craigslist and blogging.  Y’all know I love myself some Craigslist. I’m always searching for something or other.

First, a quick Craigslist 101.  Craigslist allows you to do LOTS of things besides buy stuff: rent an apartment, find a job, post a personal ad… The first step when you get to the home page is obviously select your location.  Then focus on the For Sale section in the middle.

You can either specify a category (e.g. furniture-by owner) or just search within everything for sale.  For general search terms like chair or bed, it probably makes sense to search within a category otherwise you’re weeding through automotive listings, electronic listings, etc.

If I’m not looking for something specific, I will often search terms like “pair,” “chair,” “storage,” or “vintage.”  Sometimes I put a price limit, sometimes I don’t.  I’m wacky like that.

Here are some of my recent findings.  The good, the bad, and the uuuuuuugly.

• I replied to this ad with a lowball offer just in case. I love a good pair of chairs. They can go anywhere. Now I’m worried someone will read this and offer the asking price…

• This has a nice compact shape which I always like. Imagine an updated fabric and some colorful piping and bam. When buying used furniture with the idea of reupholstering, take note of the condition of the furniture frame and the springs. An upholsterer will supply new foam and stuffing, but to replace the springs or make fixes to the structure of the chair, it might be pricier than you want.

Asking price for this chair was $25!

• I love anything bamboo. It’s lovely unpainted, and an unexpected element in a room if you spray it for a colorful makeover.


Listed on CL for $200.


• Here’s another chair I’m digging. It’s big enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to tuck into a corner. The wood can be painted any color you’d like and the fabric, of course, will be touched up all lovely.



• I LOVE these.  We don’t need them, but the price for the pair is pretty good given how interesting and unique they are.  $395 for the pair.

• This one just cracks me up. The listing title was “Vintage/ Industrial” for the bargain price of $25 each. Ha!

• I was tempted to respond to this ad simply so I could go and meet the person selling this. I have so many questions for him/ her.

• This speaks for itself. I give these sellers an A for effort.  (To my expert eyes, this appears to be a seat from a car.)

So there you have it. Some of the items I’ve seen and liked, and others made me chuckle. I always, ALWAYS looks for things on Craigslist first. You never know when someone might be selling the exact nail gun you’ve been eyeing on Amazon or the perfect little chair for that corner nook in your sitting room.

I should write a book. God I love Craigslist.



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