Inside Outside

Last week, Martha turned nine months.  Which means she’s been outside of me longer than she was inside.  It’s a weird little milestone, but it brings me back to that wonderful day when she sped into our world.  Martha was born at 10:23 in the morning 40 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  Um, phew.

Day 2

She’s a typical third child rolling with her punches, which lately involve a lot of tugging. She probably thinks her name is “Gentle, gentle.”

Month 2

Month 5

The girl can smile.

Month 5

Month 6

And nowadays she’s hard to keep track of as she’s crawling with zeal.

Month 8

Month 9

We’re minutes away from an upper tooth outbreak, but for now the bottom pair will have to do.

Month 7

She was born with hair, but her current style is more reminiscent of Beetlejuice than anything else.

I look at this happy baby, exploring her world and gleefully following every move her siblings make, and I can’t believe it’s only been 9 months since we met her. Mark and I always marvel at the amazing development a child goes through in their first year of life.  From the first moments after birth when their warm and dark aquatic life instantly becomes bright, cold and breath-filled to smiling to sitting to eating to walking… that’s an incredible range!

First Cheerios

Month 6

It’s still a little early to tell what sort of a little person Martha will be, but she’s perpetually happy, a tough cookie, and she’s already got an opinion.  In another nine months, she’ll be chasing after her brother and sister on foot, talking, … far from the 7 lb, 6 oz. bundle of sweetness who made her debut on February 21, 2012.

Month 3

Month 7

Month 4

It all goes by so fast, huh?  Happy inside outside to our sweet Martha!




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