Shower Heads Up

This may be the longest outstanding item on my to do list clocking in at 2+ years: replacing the master bathroom’s shower head.

I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again), this old house of ours could stand for a few upgrades; the bathroom is no exception.  We’ve done little things here and there to make it more comfortable, like remove the awful sliding doors seen below in our walk-through, painted, and added a better window treatment (more on that later). Fundamentally it needs a head to toe makeover that will hopefully come in the next year or two.

Yesterday when I was taking a shower, I looked up and saw ick.  I thought about going on Pinterest to pull up the shower cleaning technique I’d seen, but then I remembered- duh- I bought a shower head for this bad boy way back in 2010.

So. Disgusting.

Swapping out a shower head will make you feel incredibly handy.  Something about plumbing does that.  But… it’s pretty much like changing a lightbulb: unscrew the old and screw in the new. You’ll probably need a wrench and depending upon the threads on your pipe/ shower head, maybe some water seal tape.

Our old dated grimy one came right off and the new shiny pretty variable spray pattern one twisted right on.  I turned the shower on to check the seal and not a drop to be seen.  (Had I noticed a leak, I would have unscrewed the shower head, wrapped the thread with some tape and screwed the shower head back on.)

No leak in site!

The stripe of tiles on the left is our quickie fix when we removed the sliding doors.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go test the new shower head and imagine that everything else in our bathroom isn’t screaming for a renovation.

Much prettier.



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