I Saw Three Strips Come Sailing In

Given the age of our kids, decorating is a calculated series of unreachable vignettes.  Unfortunately, “out of reach” is anything over 5 feet tall as Oliver has a hairpin precision to his destruction, and the boy can climb.  I leave … Continue reading

Five Days of Christmas: Day 1- Straw Garland

Trying to manage expectations over here in the Ciburbanity house… I can’t possibly write about 12 days of activities/ projects, but I DO have something Christmas-y planned for each day this week.  The excitement is palpable, I can tell. So … Continue reading

A Plea For Prying: A Reflection On the Newtown Tragedy

Along with the rest of the nation, I hugged my kids a little closer tonight.   I’m devastated and confused and mystified that someone could be so calculated with the lives of children.  Children with presents under their Christmas trees. … Continue reading