Christmas Timber

How do you know you live in the suburbs? You chop down your own Christmas tree.  And by ‘you chop’, I mean Mark and 30 seconds with a hand saw.


Friends had invited us to tailgate with them at the Maple Row Tree Farm in Easton, CT.  This place was great!  It was packed, but we didn’t have to wait for anything: tractors up to the trees, saws, getting the tree back to the car… all without a hitch.  With three small kids, that’s like the holy grail.


I’ll take a minute here to acknowledge that tailgating nowadays just ain’t what it used to be.  Oliver single handedly mainlined a box of munchkins, there wasn’t a cornhole game in site,  and the only mention of a tap was when Eleanor’s dance class came up. But it’s always fun to have at least 4 adult conversations at one time and we accomplished that!


After a quick hayride up to the trees, we wandered through the rows until we found one that looked about right.


The kids, mind you, were not all that interested in finding the perfect tree… Eleanor was sidetracked by her mittens, and Oliver was looking for another tractor.



At one point, Eleanor made sure to mention that what we saw on the ground wasn’t Martha’s throw-up, it was snow.  That’s when you know your child is a) new to the suburbs, b) around a baby too much, and c) a little shaky on the trajectory of body fluids.



Mark tagged our tree, left it at the pick up spot for the tractor to bring down to the parking lot, and we headed for our hayride back to the cars.


There was a warming station while we waited, but the kids found a different activity.  We did some jumping. Lots and lots of jumping.  And one non-family photo courtesy of Oliver… he’s good like that.





After a quick visit with the oxen at the foot of the hill, we collected our tree and headed for home.  Oxen, by the way, are incredibly enormous beasts; I don’t think I realized that.  They’re like elephants with fur.


The tree is up and we just started decorating.  Typically the lower branches get the most action with this crowd of decorators, but stay tuned for more on our holiday cheer!




4 thoughts on “Christmas Timber

  1. The best part of all of this Charlotte is the close up of Elanor’s blanket, which clearly has been loved every single day of her life:)


  2. So I guess you know you live in a really small town in the middle of the mountains when you hike into the national forest, the man cares more about finding just the right one, cut the tree, drag it out and find that it is just right as it skims the 10 foot+ high ceiling:) that is the new tradition now – weird this year since there is such LITTLE snow !!!!

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