Easy As 1-2-3

Art can take on any form and this new ‘installation’ in our playroom is no exception.  It’s just super freakin’ easy.


For Eleanor’s 2nd birthday, her grandmother gave her these beautiful flash cards.  It pained me to have them sitting in a drawer or buried in her playroom so… hello, Ikea.


I lucked out and these guys fit these adorable Sondrum frames perfectly.  Rather than pitch the mats (who knows when I’ll change my mind) I just tucked them behind the flash cards.


A few minutes alone with my tape measure, and up they all went.  I’ve learned the hard way that ceilings and floors are not necessarily flat, so whenever possible, I use a level to make sure things are in line.


We have plenty of paintings and more ‘sophisticated’ art hanging around the house, but secretly these bright and cheerful little prints make my top 5 list for around $50!


Go look around your house and I suspect you’ll find something simple that might look equally lovely plunked in a frame displayed on your wall.  Old postcards, playing cards, a restaurant menu, an old map… endless choices!




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