Drawer-ing Up Some New Storage

Ever since I made our dress-up bureau, I’ve had a handful of extra drawers lying around the Ciburbanity workshop.    (God, do I wish I had an actual workshop!)


I’m mildly obsessed with storage options.  I will also throw a caster on anything.  Using an old drawer for under the bed storage wasn’t my idea.  I’d seen it here on Jen’s amazing blog I Heart Organizing, here brand new at Room and Board and scattered around in DIY magazines, etc.  I love keeping storage simple in kids rooms so that all they have to do is toss things into a bin: no fuss no muss.

I contemplated really pimping these guys out with paint inside, decorative paper, faux finishing, but ultimately decided that they were going under a bed in the kids’ room… two reasons enough not to go crazy.

First, I primed and painted the drawers.  I used a very pale green that I had on hand.  (I probably should have used white to tie into Eleanor’s bed a little better, but I repeat… these are under a bed in the kids’ room.)


You know how I love storage and casters?  Well I also love decoupage. The smell of Mod Podge makes me happy.  As mentioned in this post about my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dresser, I struggle to keep things simple.  I know I know, I said I was dialing this one back because of the under bed children’s locale, but I lied a little bit.  I had to get some mod podge in somehow.  Also chalkboard paint; wanted to get that in.

I found an old book at Goodwill and have been using it’s many pages for EVERYthing.  I love the old print, small font, etc.  I also happened to have a piece of small trim lying around.


I had already decided to frame out a panel on the front of each drawer to jazz it up the slightest, and I figured this small space might be big enough to use as my chalkboard label, but small enough not to overwhelm the face of each drawer. I decoupaged the book pages onto the trim and used wood glue to adhere the trim to the drawers.  Then I taped off the trim and painted on the chalkboard paint.


Finally time to assemble the moving parts of this storage.  I drilled holes in the bottom of each drawer and attached the casters with nuts and bolts.  I considered whether to reinforce the bottom of each drawer, but figured they wouldn’t be that weighed down given their design for children’s toys.


You saw above, but my last step was to add a handle in order to make the drawers easier for little hands to access.


Currently the drawers are sitting under Eleanor’s bed with train parts and dollhouse accessories… as the kids grow, we can change up their storage needs with an eraser and a new label!  Love them!





One thought on “Drawer-ing Up Some New Storage

  1. What a great idea! Now I regret buying Gio a bed so low to the ground….not a lot of choices when buying furniture in Ukraine. Next post, a better bed and “Creatures” and “Legos” drawers!

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