Annie. Broadway. One Delighted Daughter.

On Saturday, Eleanor took her first trip to the Great White Way.  That’s right, she came along and listened to the lullaby of Broadway.


As an early Christmas present to each other, my sister and I thought it would be fun to meet up in the city and take the girls to go and see Annie.  (Sidenote: how badly did you want to play Annie when you were little?!)


Eleanor and I took the train into Grand Central on a rainy Saturday morning, excitement building with every station stop.



Stickers and drawing helped pass the 65 minutes.


Grand Central is my favorite interior in the city.  Watching my daughter look up at that magical blue ceiling might have been the highlight of the season for me.


One quick subway stop later and out we popped into the lights and tourist crowds of Times Square.  My city-born daughter made me proud when her face lit up at the distant sound of a siren.  She made sure we waited to watch the ambulance go by.  Man, I miss the city.


My sister and my niece met us at the restaurant and we had a delightful ladies-who-lunch lunch: the finest chicken breast and steamed broccoli the chef could prepare with some pink ice-cream for dessert.  5 stars.



Times Square around the holidays on a weekend is a terrible no good very bad place… we pushed through the crowds and the Elmo impersonators and the men hawking sight-seeing bus rides, and we made it to the theater 15 minutes before curtain.



A quick peek at the orchestra pit to show her the instruments (So. Cool.) and off to our seats.  They didn’t go so far as to give out oxygen tanks on our way up, but I had a slight altitude headache.  The girls were completely unfazed, thrilled by their booster seats, and grinning from ear to ear.


The show was just as I remembered it- amazing.  Eleanor lost interested on the earlier side of things, but she enjoyed her Christmas maze book.  If anyone out there knows someone in the Broadway cast of Annie, please give them my apologies- I enjoyed every minute, and to be fair, it was a really good book of mazes.


Our subway back to Grand Central had cartoons inside which was the cherry on top of Eleanor’s already great day.


A story-filled train ride home to Mac ‘n Cheese for supper, and sweet song-filled dreams for Eleanor.


I’ll spare you any sun coming out tomorrow references…  But what a special day.





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