Painting. Ditto, Painting (Previous title: symmetry yrtemmys)

Update: I changed the title of this post because of overwhelming readership boredom with the original title!

Psychologist or abstract artist… those are the seeds this activity might have planted. Or a hotdog vendor.


It’s also- say it with me: easy and quick.  Materials: paint and paper.  Optional: squirt bottles for the paint.  I got a set at Homegoods for $4.99.


I folded the paper in half and then let Oliver squeeze the paint onto it.  How can the same fingers that fling bagel pieces across the kitchen and grip fistfuls of his sister’s hair struggle to squeeze paint? I dunno… but he liked it.





After he’d squeezed a bit, we folded the page over and pressed it down with our hands.


Then we drove a train or two over it.


Open that bad boy up and…. hello, Rorschach and Pollack.




p.s. For the older set, this activity could help you explore color theory by watching the colors mix.  You could also explore which letters or shapes are symmetrical by using the crease as your axis point.


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