All Aboard for Model Trains

The Sophie’s Choice in Oliver’s world is a school bus vs. a train.


Obviously, given the title of the post, this is all about the model train viewing we’ve been up to over the last few weeks.


All the kids love them, but Oliver’s mind is blown a little bit more each time we take him to see the trains.  He does two things consistently whenever he sees a model train: he points and says, “oh-whoa”…


…and then he loses it when we have to leave.



Just after Thanksgiving, we went with my whole family to see the model trains at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia.  It was freezing, but Oliver’s cheeks were pink with enthusiasm the whole time!  The trains wound all around this beautiful little wooded area through stumps and over bridges.



The second train display we went to was right in our hometown at the Fairfield Museum.


Here’s where I’m going to get a little geeky on you.  These little trains are SO cool.  I’m a sucker for anything miniature… brings me back to my easy bake oven days I guess… Look at all these sweet miniature city-scenes!






One day we’ll have a finished basement and I can go trawling estate sales {Craigslist} for model trains, but until then, I’ll just have to satisfy my middle child by taking him to see someone else’s super awesome hard work.


Oh, and Oliver doesn’t know it yet, but “Blue Eyes” our Eleanor-named Elf on the Shelf borrowed a Christmas train from my mother-in-law to be unveiled in the morning!  Oh-whoa!





One thought on “All Aboard for Model Trains

  1. the Xmas train display at Chadds Ford Museum is in your future when visiting Jess and kiddos. They don’t do it every year, so you will need to figure it out. But you can combine a visit there with a visit to Longwood Gardens and their amazing tree lights display – all worth the visit. hope to see all of you soon. xoxo julie

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