Curtain Fringe Benefits

There’s not a lot we can do with our circa 1970’s master bathroom aside from a gut renovation.


Taken during our walk through.

It has dated terra-cotta colored tiles on the floor. Awful fluorescent light. Brownish textured shower tiles. An off white bathtub. Brass trimmed sliding glass doors. Lovely brown shutters on the window. I told you the place was dated. (Sidenote: I watch HGTV, and I know it could have been worse: metallic wallpaper, pink fixtures, round tub, carpet… I get it. But ours is still no picture of good decor.)


That’s Eleanor, age 1.5 on my back during our walk through!

After sewing the kids’ Roman shades, I was on a window treatment high and wanted to add a touch of intrigue and color to our blasé bathroom.  Roman shades seemed like overkill so I went with a single (simple) panel and a tension rod.  That was Step 1.  (I measured the window, cut a piece of fabric to size and hemmed it on all four sides.  A set of clip on curtain rings later and done.)



Always room for a helper.

Step 2 is where we make the magic.  This is where the shade becomes shazam.  Where we put the ‘treat’ in treatment.

Avid reader, I’d like to introduce you to ball fringe.  I love my kids and my husband and my dog and Pinterest, but I beyond them, I love ball fringe.


Fabric glue + ball fringe = instantly cooler master bathroom.  Not by much, but definitely cooler.



This is just the beginning for the Smith house, I guarantee.  There will be much much more ball fringe in our future.








4 thoughts on “Curtain Fringe Benefits

  1. Charlotte your off to a great start! Since your a DIY(er) then you should know you have some other easy quick fixes I your bathroom until you can get to your gut renovation. I’d play with what you can’t change right now. Such as those beautiful tiles. If their in good standing paint the walls a different color including the window trim. If removing the brass sliding doors too much of a job. Get a shower curtain and put it in front so you don’t see the tub.
    P.S. I’m a DIY(er) girl myself. If you need any other inspiration check out my page, If you have any other questions feel Free to ask.

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