O Is For…

Ding ding ding: Oliver day.  I saw this image on Pinterest and it stuck with me because of its graphic colorful simplicity.  (This was another project where I didn’t actually click the link on Pinterest, but sort of went with my own interpretation…)

Today’s 4 minute activity with the boy … involved paint.  Which means it started with a smock.  Cue hysterics.


I’m typically not one to micromanage or get all that fussed by mess, but in this situation, I’m slowly trying to teach my opinionated son that there will be times in his life when he may need to acquiesce rather than SCREAM HIS BRAINS OUT.


With 1 inch painters tape, I outlined Oliver’s initial onto a piece of white construction paper.  O is hard, and a more careful/ patient hand might have a different technique, but I’m a process over product girl when the kids are concerned.


After wrestling Oliver into his smock, I gave him his paint and a foam brush.  Note that his snack had to stay within 3 inches of him the entire time.


He was completely distracted by the empty paint cups on his palette so I had to fill the whole thing.  Once that was taken care of, we could commence with the 2 solid minutes of painting it took before Oliver lost interest.


He did a pretty good job getting the paint onto the page and coordinating how to hold the paper while he was painting, and then to hold the palette while he was loading his brush with paint.  I helped a little bit, but not much!


Once the paint was mostly, but not entirely, dry, I peeled off the painters tape. “O” man, did it look nice.  (I had to…such a bad pun just taunting me.)





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