Day 3: Ornamental Overload

A few weeks ago, I snagged these simple clear (plastic) ornaments at Michaels for next to nothing (I wanna say they were on sale for $.50, but I may have spent big and paid the full $.99 on the tag).


In an ideal world, I would have my craft room all set up with Christmas music playing in the background and a wide array of supplies on hand for me to tantalize you with all the many ornamental options I created.  In reality, I don’t have a craft room, I’ve been too busy to really plan and I knocked these out in one afternoon.  With TLC’s Four Weddings on the DVR in the background.


That said, I think each of these looks really sweet and trust me, you can make any of them with minimal supplies.  I raided our junk drawer, the kids’ craft closet, the kitchen, and even our library to make these ornaments.  One day I’ll have time for the elaborate ones, but for now, these will have to do!  This also gave me a chance to really get some punultimate puns out of my system… I’m sorry.

(Disclaimer: These pictures were all taken at night which means they’re bad news bears.  It’s been raining for a week here so even if I’d been more organized and had these done early, no telling whether the pictures would come out any better…)

1. Glitterati.

Glitter and mod podge (Elmer’s glue would work also… just water it down ever so slightly to make it easier to brush on).  I painted it onto the ornament and sprinkled on the glitter.  I used a skewer to hang it over a bowl until the mod podge dried.



2. Polka Dot Paradise

See above.  Same technique, I just painted circles instead of covering the whole surface.  For more deliberate polka dots, you could use a circle sponge stencil.


3. It’s A Wrap

I had this cotton twine in my junk drawer (I think left over from when we had to tie our newspapers together for recycling).  With the help of my handy dandy glue gun, I wrapped it around the ornament.  A technique that worked for me was to apply the hot glue around the ornament once, wrap the twine, repeat.



4. It’s a (Oil and) Waterful Life

So this may not last, but it looks very very cool.  I poured some vegetable oil, water and a few drops of green food coloring into the ornament.  I went over the cap and any little holes with the hot glue gun to seal it.


5. Strip Tease

I used pages from an old book, cut them into thin strips and put them all inside the ornament.  I mean that, my friends, is easy.



6. Bead-utiful

Fill your ornament with beads.  Remember what I said above?  Well I lied… THIS is easy.


7. Monogram

I’m sure you fine people are more detail-oriented than I am, so take this with a grain of creative salt.  Use a Sharpie to draw whatever monogram you fancy… this is where you can get your monogram flare going…squirt some acrylic paint into the ornament and swirl it around to coat the inside.  I added a drop or two of water to make it a little easier to swirl.


8. Drip Drip Hooray

I decided to experiment with my paint swirl technique and this is what I got.  I added a few drops of water to my acrylic paint and then set the ornament upside down to drip.  Once the drips were as long as I wanted, I flipped it right side up and set it into a narrow glass to dry.




9. Cuter Than A Cupcake

After developing my glitter and my paint swirl techniques, I decided to put the two remarkable talents together for some cupcake magic.  First, I swirled with some white paint.  Next, I painted my mod podge on the top of my ornament in a frosting-like pattern and glittered the heck out of that guy.  A cupcake liner hot glued to the bottom and a pink pom pom/ pipe cleaner cherry hot glued on top and… edible delicious.



I tried to get some shots of them on the tree, but again felt camera challenged. One day when someone gives me an extra week of time, I want to take a photo/ photoshop class and learn how to make all these pictures the envy of the blogosphere.





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