Day 4: DIY More-naments

DIY ‘more ornaments.’ Too much of a stretch?  Oh well… Mark and I are knee deep in Homeland Season 2 and I’m distracted by the fate of Brody and Carrie. They’re just so tricky the two of them.

Sorry, I’m back to Christmas.  Last week I received one of the sweetest Christmas gifts out of the blue from a family member.  With the help of her grandchildren, she made an ornament that she used to make out of milk caps as a girl.


Which got me a-thinking.  I had plans to recreate the ornaments that I grew up making with my mother… but I didn’t have time to gather the requisite supplies.  And then last night when I was fixing dinner, I pulled out my bin of tupperware for Martha to enjoy and wham…I had all these bad boys: a stack of unused mason jar lids.


So again, with not much time to get too clever, I raided my stockpile of craft crap and here’s where my glitter glue took me.  I honestly didn’t have much of a plan, and was crafting where the wind took me…

For my first version, I used the inside edge of the lid to trace one of our extra photos from Martha’s birth announcement.  I cut it out and glued it onto the flat part of the lid.


I started by using the hot glue gun, but the glue was setting up too fast, so I shifted to Elmer’s clear gel.  To add a little texture, I glued this green ribbon left over from Easter onto either side of the frame.


Next, I had these silver beads that I glued on the inside corner of the lid.


To finish it off and make it a bit jazzier, I used a puff paint pen to add tiny green dots around the rim.  (Given the photograph, this ornament didn’t need much to make it look pretty adorable.  In my opinion.)



For the second version, I started to copy the one I had been sent, but wanted to bring in some color.  I painted both parts of the lid with red acrylic paint. The paint didn’t adhere all that well, so it took a few coats.  But acrylic dries fast and I was happy to kill some time because this show is SO GOOD. (Sidenote: spray paint would have been perfect, but it’s too cold these days.)


I had a few scraps of this Ikea wrapping paper and Santa was just the right size for the lid.  And, lookie here, he coordinated with the red paint.


I have to be honest, at this point in the craft, things were looking bleak.  At least as bleak as a Christmas ornament craft project can look… I thought about crediting the failure to one of the kids, but then the piano chords of the Chariots of Fire theme song started playing in my head and I said to myself, you can do this.  You can save this crappy crafty ornament and make it into something better than this.  Do it for your country.  (I didn’t even take a picture… take my word for it.)

So I reached into my tin of glitter glue pens and started to add some flare.  15 minutes of doodling later, and I’m not sure Santa’s looking any better, but he’s certainly looking more decorated.  Which is basically synonymous with ornamental, right?


I’ve gotta get back to episode 6.  (By the way, Brody’s wife is a dope, huh?! And Claire Danes plays unstable SO well.)






4 thoughts on “Day 4: DIY More-naments

  1. Charlotte
    Thank you for featuring our little ornament. I forwarded your blog to Greta and Celia and told them we’ll have to be thinking about next year. Sunday I will have given away all 23 that we made!
    So glad you are hooked on Homeland too! I think we told your parents about it.
    Sometime we have to have a mini cuzzins’ reunion—our children and all of you.
    Merry, merries to you all!

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