Day 5: Christmas Souvenirs

I’ll categorize this week of posts in the better late than never column.  I promise if I’m still blogging next Christmas that I’ll get my act together and post this a little sooner than 3 days before Christmas.  Rookie, I know.  So here ends this glorious week of Ciburbanity holiday cheer.  I saved the most personal for last… so no more crafts.  I’ll have something up on Monday, but until then good luck gathering any final gifts, wrapping those last few presents (or in our case, every last present…ugh) and putting finishing touches on festive decor.

We haven’t travelled as much since we started having kids, but in our pre-parent days, we were fortunate enough to go to some fantastic places. One of the things we get whenever we go somewhere is a Christmas ornament.


Every year when we unpack all the decorations, it’s a wonderful and fun way to walk back down our family memory lane.


From honeymoon ornaments to anniversary weekend trip ornaments to our first vacation with Eleanor ornaments… just seeing each one, brings us back to that special moment in time.


Humor me as I walk you through our little Christmas tree souvenir stand.

This was the first trip that Mark and I went on together: St. Lucia… we booked it about a month before Christmas which meant the only place that had availability was a Sandals (couples) resort.  We were just happy to have sun and pina coladas.  It felt like the waiting room for Noah’s Ark.


This beautiful beaded star represents the grandest trip we’ve been on together: Africa. It also marked the first trip Mark came on with my family. Thanks to nightly dark and stormies, we made it home unscathed and got engaged a couple of weeks later!


First anniversary: curling stone from Montreal.


We went to Tobago and bought this ornament from a sweet little store on the beach with tons of pressed clay items: coasters, ornaments, wall decor.  The coasters are off limits until Oliver turns 12, but this ornament still remains!


Honeymoon to Bali and Cambodia. These bananas are the kids favorite ornament.  It seems to be the right size for a whole host of stuffed animals, so every time I check the tree, this ornament is in a different spot


Terrible, terrible picture, but this was our first babymoon to the Turks and Caicos.  I think we played 16 rounds of scrabble and walked for hours up and down the beautiful white sandy beach.


Babymoon for Oliver: Puerto Rico.  During this vacation, Eleanor took her first steps back home with my thrilled parents!


For two years we managed to coordinate a summer vacation in Maine with our best friends.  With new jobs, new babies and new homes, we haven’t been able to figure out the logistics of it all recently, but man those were two great vacations!


When I was barely pregnant with Oliver, we took Eleanor and joined some friends on St. John for a week. I was terrible company as I was tired and queasy, but hopefully this will be the first of many vacations we can enjoy with friends and children.


Finally, this is Mark’s favorite ornament. Right before we got pregnant with Eleanor, we wanted to take one last ‘adult’ and fabulous vacation, so we headed to Rome and Venice. I still dream of that trip: the food, the wandering, the people, the history, the wine. Mark and I are great travelers together; he loves the planning, and I love the exploring. We walked both cities up and down and tried to take in the landmarks as well as the more ‘normal’ aspects of each city. Hopefully we can bring the kids back one day to experience the wonder.


We managed to take charge of most of our ornaments and left the kids with all the non-breakables. As you can see from our lower branches, Eleanor and Oliver were busy tree decorators.






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