I Saw Three Strips Come Sailing In

Given the age of our kids, decorating is a calculated series of unreachable vignettes.  Unfortunately, “out of reach” is anything over 5 feet tall as Oliver has a hairpin precision to his destruction, and the boy can climb.  I leave you with one more (SIMPLE!) project, and a quick glimpse of a few of our Christmas touches.


First, the project.  I managed to leave some sheets in the washing machine to soak but failed to actually fill the machine with water… so the bleach just sat on the sheets and ultimately ate through them.  Which means I have a set of sheets to use for crafts.  Yay?


Note that the rips look like a sad, sad face. Boo.

I ripped the sheet into narrow strips (maybe 1 cm wide).



I had some help…

Then I cut each strip into 6-8 inch lengths.


Walgreens was having a sale on Christmas lights; normally I’m a purist and go for the plain white lights, but this time I thought that a hint of color might look nice given my plans.  They were also sold out of the white lights, so there was that reason too.


I tied each of my sheet strips around the string of lights: on average, there were 7 strips between each light.  I didn’t bother knotting them to save some time, and the whole thing only took an hour or so.


3 thumb tacks later, and you are welcome to ooh and ahh accordingly.  (The white lights would have been nice…. but this way I can bust this out for Valentine’s Day too!)





Onto the decorations… I’m a rookie. In a NYC apartment, there’s barely enough space to set up a tree much less extra room for holiday pizzaz. As for storing Christmas decor? Forget it. Baby steps over here.

A growing collection of Santas are set up on the foyer table.

Christmas cards from friends and family are on display around the front hall closet.

My mother gave me a pair of these ceramic houses last year, and I’ve noticed others at Goodwill to fill out the village. A leftover piece of batting completes the snowy scene.

I saw this birdhouse at Homegoods and display it on a table filled with Christmas lights.

A simple garland goes up the staircase with mesh ribbon and a few ornaments to add a little flare.

Next year I’ll brave a beautiful holiday mantle and perhaps something more interesting on either side of our front door.  What I’ve learned is that the possibilities are endless!  All our presents are (finally) wrapped and the tree is officially bone dry.  The Elf is gearing up for his last night ‘on our shelf’ and Eleanor’s had her pretend cookies ready for Santa since Friday. Bring it on, Christmas.  Happy Holidays to all of you out in the blogosphere; thank you for joining me on this blogging journey!




One thought on “I Saw Three Strips Come Sailing In

  1. I got all holiday cards ready to send on the plane to Dulles and frantically looked for a drop box… NOPE- only outside to mail.. So I have brought all my cards to France and will have to mail when I get back 🙂 love being connected through your wonderful blog and wish you the best Xmas in your wonderful home! Love you

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