Post Christmas Tube-a-Thon

I’m hoping to be a little more thoughtful about a Christmas recap, but not today… Without going into specifics, man did our kids drink the Christmas kool-aid this year.  After a few presents from Santa were opened, I could see the pupils in Eleanor’s eyes dilate and she broke into a gentle sweat as she understood that many of the presents under the tree were also for her.  And they ALL had toys in them.  For her.


I know she’s not the only child who looked up at their parents with frantic longing and asked if we could have Christmas again tomorrow.


Moving right along… you know that pile of wrapping detritus and cardboard boxes that you have touching the ceiling in your garage?  No?  Yeah, me neither.  So for those of you who miiiight have something resembling the aforementioned scene, hang onto all your wrapping paper tubes/ paper towel tubes/ toilet paper tubes. Grab some painters tape (or masking tape… just something that won’t ruin your walls), and a small round object of your choosing.


Tape all your tubes together to create a winding tubular tunnel.  Had it been any other day of the year and I might have been a little more creative with the tube run itself, but let’s be honest… the kids were lucky to have food and clothes offered to them today so I consider this activity a victory.


If your 2012 New Years resolution was to be more environmentally conscious, this is up-cycling at his best so check that resolution of your list with a few days to spare. This will keep your kids occupied when the holiday high wears off, and they come crashing back to the reality that Santa’s gone from their lives for another 364 days.



I happened to have pom pom balls on hand, but any smallish round object would work. (Even a balled up bit of tin foil would work if you happen to have a lot of take-out in your life this week.) Drop the pom pom into the top of your tube maze and wait for it to come out the bottom.


Turns out the pom poms worked great as they were light enough that they didn’t pull the cardboard tubes away from the wall.



Anyone who’s read ANY post with Oliver involved knows that all these activities start well and then end with supplies pretty well scattered across the floor.  No exception here.


I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and are getting all your ducks in a row for 2013.  Amazing how something that we spend weeks and weeks happily decorating and crafting and planning for whizzes by so fast!  Where did 12/25 go?!





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