Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Typically, post topics are not my problem, what with the general hyperactivity of my life on a daily basis.  But today… I just didn’t have an idea.  Check that, I didn’t have an idea for which I had planned.  So here’s a glimpse of a few of our favorite Christmas things thanks to the images on Amazon.


Our kids have been sick so today was the first in a while that didn’t involve watery red eyes, hacking coughs and playing the ‘is it worth taking the temperature there?’ game.  It also meant I had my first gander at what Christmas presents ranked highest on their list. (Hint: Despite this bonding moment, singing Elmo has NOT made the list.)


So that’s what this post is about: our favorite items.  Petty, yes.  But if any of you are like me, finding a nice present for your kid that doesn’t involve Disney or Dora or an iSomething is a challenge.  Maybe this will help!

Top Sellers for Eleanor, Age 3.5:

Melissa and Doug Fairy Tale Puzzle


Cool Circuits

When all the pieces are put in place end to end creating a circuit, the puzzle lights up and plays music.  There are maps to follow so Eleanor enjoys copying the solution pictures.


Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set

tea set

Calico Critters Wedding Day

I found a dollhouse on Craigslist to replace the very simple wooden one they had in their room.  The dollhouse is slowly piquing her interest, but these critters are a BIG hit.


Berenstain Bears ANYthing


Top Sellers for Oliver, Age 2



Playmobil Bus

The latest frustration with the bus is that all 45 of Oliver’s new matchbox cars don’t fit inside.  This poses a big problem when Oliver obsessively loves all 45 of his new matchbox cars.  (And the green matchbox recycling truck he stole from his cousins over Thanksgiving… never leaves his grasp.)


Plan Toys City Rescue


Enesco Roaring Rex

At first, Oliver wasn’t so sure, but periodically throughout the day, I heard roaring noises from the other room… Oliver’s come around.


Top Sellers for Martha, Age 10 months

She’s had one of the emergency workers from Oliver’s City Rescue in her mouth for much of the day.

But the stick from these spinning carousel bells has been a close second.


My top seller?  Aside from some lovely accessories from Mark, this mini Keurig somehow made its way into my stocking. (One perk of managing much of the holiday shopping, right?)  A 2 minute cup of coffee is hefty currency around here.


Any great items on your list this Christmas?  I think one of my 2013 resolutions is going to be to gather gifts throughout the year… what a nice way to keep everyone in the back of my mind for 12 months rather than just December!



p.s. Lest you think I’ve forgotten Mark, this item was a self proclaimed geek gift, but I suspect he’s already read the manual front and back. I’d explain it, but I’m not sure I fully get it.



One thought on “Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

  1. Love this, Charlotte! I was about to do a similar blog- I was getting harassed by a few friends for my lack of entries and the same idea came to mind. Great minds, right???

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