Bienvenue/ Welcome/ Willkommen Mat

On my latest jaunt to Home Depot, I found this bad boy.  Under $10.  Blank welcome mat canvas.


So many possibilities and so little patience.  I could stencil a cute saying on it… no stencils.  I could stencil a cool pattern on it…. no stencils.  I could paint a monogram on it… OR, I could do what I always do… revert back to stripes or a chevron since all I ever have on hand is painters’ tape.

Chevrons it is.  I used 2″ painters tape which was the thickest I had lying around.  Let me tell you, a chevron is a pain in the neck to tape out.


I just eyed it for the most part, but I did use a guide line for each row and another guideline to make sure the points were lined up.


Even then, it’s not perfect.  But it’s a doormat and it’s going to get stepped on everyday.  How perfect does it need to be?!


Today is the first day in a week where temperatures are above freezing, hurray for spray painting!  Once I’d taped out the whole thing, I grabbed a can of Aqua spray paint (satin finish).  The tape didn’t stick very well to the doormat, but it stuck enough to make a stencil.


Unlike spray painting furniture when you want the can further away for many light coats of paint, for this project I had my can about 2″ from the mat in order to get the most saturated color.  I wasn’t worried about dripping given the natural fiber of the mat.


The smaller corner pieces of tape kept peeling back so I had to hold them down while I was spray painting.  I tell people I was out tagging things last night; out here in the suburbs, I’m not sure anyone knows what I mean.


After letting the paint cure for a few hours, our front door has a new and chevron-y improved look.










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