Metallica, Anyone?

I peruse lots of blogs and magazines and ideas… and I apologize to the source for this one- I just can’t remember.  But it’s easy.  It’s cheap.  It’s chic.  That’s like a DIY trifecta.


Find an old lamp.  I happened to have one kicking around that didn’t quite fit our decor anymore.  But… it had a great simple shape.  (Goodwill has shelves of lamps for cheap if you don’t have one kicking around your house.)


I’ve been wanting to use this mirror-like spray paint for a while… but alas, you need to spray the BACK of whatever you want to mirror-ize so it’ll have to wait.  Which is a big fat bummer since the “metallic” spray paints just aren’t that metallic in my opinion.

There’s not too much explanation needed other than a quick overview of my sometimes impatient and shoddy spray paint technique: I find the largest cardboard box I can find.  Drag it out into the yard, and try to keep the spray as light and as even as possible.  Many light coats is always preferable to fewer heavy coats.  I’ve been racing against the thermometer lately- if it’s too cold, you can’t spray.


Before painting, I unscrewed the light socket, the base and the cap and taped them off.  It took me about 5 coats, waiting 15 minutes or so between each coat.  I lucked out with a mild (dry) day this week.  (But forgot to take pictures while spraying…)

I also painted the wooden base and cap a darker gray to compliment the silver a bit more.


I had a plain ol’ shade but thought I’d play around with a simple embellishment: rick rack (second to my love of fringe, is rick rack).  I used a clear gel fabric glue and slowly wrapped the rickrack around the top and the bottom of the lampshade.



Put it all back together and now I have a new and improved shiny happy metallic lamp to use.








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