It’s A Wrap

If I were to include more pictures of my mug up in this joint, what you’d notice is that once the temperature drops below 45, chances are pretty good I’ll have a scarf on.  I’m an equal opportunity scarf wearer and go for thin, thick, patterned, simple, fringed, you name it.  What I’m really digging now, however, is the infinity scarf (the large ring of scarf that you can just wrap and wrap and wrap).

Many of these scarves are a simple cotton jersey.  And thanks to my husband and his arm pits (sorry, Mark), there’s usually an old t-shirt ready to be put out to pasture around here.


First I trimmed off the bottom hem.


Then I drew a line immediately below the armpit and cut straight across leaving me with a tube of jersey to work with.  This section was a little thicker than I wanted, so I divided it and cut the tube in two.  Say that 10 times fast.


I checked and each individual tube was a little too short to really wrap, so I knew I’d have to cut open the tubes in order to sew the two pieces together.


Before I connected my two strips of jersey to make my giant mega infinity scarf, I wanted to experiment with some dye.  Specifically an ombre technique.  It’s pretty intuitive: more dye at one end gradually dissipating to less dye at the other end.  I poked around on Pinterest and Google to double check my instincts and it really is as easy as it seems.  We had some dye left over from this project with Eleanor over the summer.  One might argue dye has a shelf life and for $3 a box, why was I saving it all…. but now I can officially say ‘I told you so’ since I re-used some of it.


I poured the dye into a metal pot and got my t-shirt strips wet.  After wringing out the extra water, I placed the bottom 8″ of each strip into the pot and left the rest of the fabric hanging over the edge untouched.


I wasn’t keeping great track, but after 10 minutes or so, I dipped the next 8″ into the pot and let it sit for another 4-5″.  Once time was up, I quickly dipped all but the last 6″ into the dye and quickly pulled it out.  I ran the fabric under cold water to rinse out the extra dye.


Wash and dry.  Connect the two ends to make one giant ring and… a DIY ombre infinity scarf is born.DSC_1285

I might try again later and play around with the width…this one is dainty.  It would require retiring two more of Mark’s t-shirts, but he’s a dedicated fan of the blog so I’m sure he could make a craft donation!





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