On the Hunt (For A Rainy Day Activity)

Mark was away this weekend so I had some time to kill.  Alone.  With three kids.  Inside on a rainy day.

So we went on a scavenger hunt.  What for, you ask?  Here ya go:


Eleanor was the ringleader and quickly tapped into her inner-competitor.  Juice and snacks in hand, she was ready.



Oliver, not so much.  He trotted along behind Eleanor for the first couple of items, but was happy to stick with his trains on the coffee table where he is on most mornings. (Martha was napping.)


I went ahead and laminated the list in case we wanted to use it again (but mostly because I will laminate anything two dimensional).  It also meant Eleanor could happily cross off each item with a dry erase marker as she added it to her bag.


At some point, she lost focus and just started putting things into the bag.


Which was all a preamble for her to gather things from around the house in order to get ready ‘for the beach’.  (Yes, it’s January here in Connecticut too.)



And she started planning her (beach?) party.  When Mark got home on Sunday, she wanted to finish the scavenger hunt, but quickly shifted back into party mode and had him take dictation of her list of party supplies.  (Mark wanted me to mention that #29 is sloppy, but spelled correctly.)


Boy are we glad to have Daddy home today!



p.s. Tune in tomorrow for my DIY project from the weekend.  Because of the rain/ fog I didn’t get any great pictures of it in good light so wanted to wait for a hopefully sunny Monday.  I’ll give you a hint: first syllable sounds like Fred and second syllable sounds like bored.


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