Fill In the Blank

Think of this activity as a visual Madlib… A pictorial fill in the blank. Materials are open for interpretation: anything with an image. I found some 50¢ books at Goodwill.


Cut out any pictures that are fun or colorful.


Yeah… I laminated mine. It just seems so much more official that way. (If a preschool project can be considered official.)


Now here’s the set-up… tape your picture excerpts onto a blank sheet of paper and let your child fill in the rest. Simple but effective.


Eleanor’s going through a major drawing obsession, so this was right up her alley. She chose a bird first.



And was happy to fill in the body and wings. She got distracted by the idea of making a snowman, but the leftovers are going straight in her quiet time box.


And the possibilities are endless: any picture could work… the older the child, the more abstract the cut-out can be…for elementary students, you could ask them to include a setting, the time of day, and/ or other characters…a younger child might enjoy parts of the body cut-outs.


Take it and run with it!



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