It’s A Sensory Day In Our Neighborhood: Fluffy Dough

Oliver gets a lot of press on this blog because I’m with him 3 mornings a week when Eleanor is at school.  After I saw his excitement for this ivory soap activity, I called on the Pinterest Gods once again for an equally simple sensory experience for him.


Two things I love are shaving cream and corn starch, so when a more creative person than I suggested putting these two things together, I was sold.


There are posts about this all over the internet, so feel free to look at other options, but I pretty much mixed the two things together until it seemed like a fun texture (e.g. I could make ‘snowballs’ out of it).


Oliver was thrown at first by the sticking factor and needed to be reassured that his hands were, in fact, still underneath all that fluffy stuff.



After wiping him down a few times, he got into it and started to explore.




Once it got more corn-starchy than shaving-creamy, we added some more shaving cream, and I let Oliver have a whirl at stirring. (He took it beaucoup seriously.)


I’ve said it before, but getting over the mess factor (read: clean up) is big with all of these sensory activities.  Both shaving cream and corn starch are a piece of cake to clean up, but I also took one minute to quickly tape down some saran wrap before starting. This made it even easier to adios the fluffy dough wreckage.



There’s nothing that a wet rag and a dust buster can’t tackle here.


And if I think it’s kind of cool, imagine what my Neanderthal 2-year-old is thinking?!




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