Number Recognition AND Bingo Training

Every so often, the stars align and I find an activity that one of the kids really enjoys but is also- wait for it- educational.


I saw this idea on Pinterest (the link didn’t lead anywhere so unfortunately I can’t site it here), and decided to give it a whirl last Thursday when I was home alone with Eleanor while Oliver was at school.


A fairy wasn’t in my drawing repertoire so I opted for two of Eleanor’s other loves: a cupcake and a flower. No magic to this, just draw a simple picture.  (Color book pages could also be modified for this if you’re second guessing your drawing ‘skillz’.)


We started with a regular die with numbers 1-6 on it, so these were the numbers I drew on the cupcake and the flower.


That’s pretty much all there is to it!  Eleanor rolled the die and used her dot-a-dot markers (bingo daubers) to dot each number on the pictures when she rolled it.


Here’s what I love about this project: number recognition, familiarity with a die, obviously the coordination involved to dot each number on the picture, and… she didn’t need my help.



After the success of this first go around, I ordered these polyhedral dice from Amazon so that I could introduce bigger numbers.


Eleanor chose a birthday cake for her drawing, and she was off and rolling.






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