Let’s Dance, the Latch Dance

Y’all will just have to believe me on this.  I pinky swear this has been on my project list for a few months ever since I saw this link on Pinterest. A busy board.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 8.18.55 PM

I’ve since learned that it’s also known as a latch board and a certain leading blog who shall remain nameless (YHL) posted something a couple of weeks ago that is pretty much identical to what you’re about to see.  But again… it really was on my to do list before I read their post.  Swear.


More on this in a later post, but I took a field trip to a local dollar store a couple of weeks ago. Man oh man oh man.  Among the many (many!) other items I found was a whole slew of latch-like paraphernalia.  I also popped into our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found a few other little tid bits.


Thanks to Mark’s manly garage project, we had some leftover plywood.  I cut down one of these, sanded, and painted with Polycrylic to keep it nice and smooth.  I unpacked and arranged all the latches (and took a picture in case, I don’t know, Oliver came within 45 feet of it).


With a Sharpie, I made a dot on my latch board where each screw hole should be, and then I went back and drilled all of the holes I needed at once.  (The picture came in handy at this point, actually.)



Geeky tip: if you make a mark with a Sharpie on your drill bit, you won’t go through the board you’re drilling.  (Darn, I need to learn Photoshop so I can add an arrow to pictures like this…)


Ten minutes later, and all my latches were secure and ready for tinkering.


Oh, a finishing touch was this light switch from the ReStore for 25¢. I pried the metal part off, and used some Gorilla Glue to stick it onto my board.



Lastly, I added some no-skid dots on each corner to keep it from sliding around too much.


Oliver got to play with it this morning, and he kept coming back to it looking at the various latches.


Some were simple for him and some made him frustrated… pretty much a day in the life of Oliver, but good that there’s some growth that will come with the latch board.


I like that it’s durable, compact, and gets his little fingers working.  And when it’s time for college, he can supplement tuition with a little breaking and entering.







p.s.  I might go back and add his initials or put some color around the edge (paint? decoupage? duct tape?).


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