Preschool Valentine’s SWAG

For anyone in Eleanor’s class… spoiler alert, this is what your kid will be bringing home on Wednesday as a Valentine’s project.  In a rare moment of parental involvement, I offered to go into Eleanor’s class to do a simple holiday activity.  (Does Valentine’s Day count as a holiday?) Mostly, I wanted to spy on things and see if she’s as ‘opinionated’ with her teachers as she is with me.


I did something similar to this for our Thanksgiving table.


Eleanor’s teacher had a stash of these awesome plastic containers.  I was going to use baby food jars, but Martha doesn’t eat baby food anymore, so this was much easier.  There’s only so much Stage 2 green beans that Mark will eat.


Then, I saw these bad boys at the Dollar Store and a project was hatched.


The tissue paper is dollar store too, by the way.


A few snips and I had a bunch of small tissue squares.


I painted them onto the jar with mod podge and gave a light dusting of glitter to add some bling.



In a million years, I’m not sure I would have thought of this, but Eleanor’s teachers told me the labelling on the lid comes off with nail polish remover.  I was expecting a fight, but it wiped off like butter; although butter’s a pain to clean off, so it wiped off like a dry erase marker.



Pop the light in and Valentine panache for everyone.





p.s. Ciburbanity has been nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie award in the Best Home Project & DIY Blog category- if you feel so inclined, please throw me a vote!  In this case, just being one of the top nominees will count for a lot as it will bring lots of new folks on over to check me out! Here’s the link:


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