Word To Your Mother

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This painting has been following us around.  It always ends up in some drawer or under a dresser or in a box.


I painted it a million years ago and it just wasn’t quite right, so I decided to tweek it with some stencilling.  I’ve seen it all over the world wide web in various forms.


I fundamentally like the colors and the overall feel of the painting, just not the execution, so I decided to paint the words onto the painting, rather than paint everything BUT the words.

Out came my old quote books. (Remember when you had time to do things like quote books?!  Ha.)  I quickly realized how limited I was in space so had to find a quote that was only a handful of words.  I was hoping to fit a mantra I had in my classroom: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  No can do.


My quote books were useless since they consisted primarily of lines from The Breakfast Club, Cocktail and Cat Stephen’s lyrics.  But something in them made me think of our wedding and good ol’ 1 Corinthians: Love is patient, Love is kind.  I had a set of stencils already so I did my best to center things and space the letters evenly.  It took a couple of attempts and a little bit of erasing.


A steady hand, a tiny brush and some white acrylic paint took this drab painting from boring to scoring.


Much cooler in my arguably dorky opinion.






p.s. Ciburbanity has been nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie award in the Best Home Project & DIY Blog category- if you feel so inclined, please throw me a vote!  In this case, just being one of the top nominees will count for a lot as it will bring lots of new folks on over to check me out! Here’s the link:



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