Tricked Out Catchall Tray

Junk always looks neater when it’s in a cool container.  No surprise here… we’ve got some junk.  In our trunk and elsewhere.


I saw this simple white tray at Homegoods ($9.99, whattup) and figured I could pimp it out somehow.


Pinterest is good for the occasional myth, and a Sharpie marker cooked onto the ceramic dish is one of them.  There are just as many posts disproving the notion that Sharpie magically becomes permanent after 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  So no Sharpie for me… a ceramic marker made more sense.


Before any decorating could happen, I needed to prep the surface and make sure it was squeaky clean.  Windex. please. (Has anyone else seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding?  I chuckle anytime I see Windex.)


While the world waited for New Orleans to regain power during the Superbowl, I slowly began doodling a pattern onto my tray.  I kept most of the decoration to the rim where I thought it stood the best chance of withstanding wear and tear.


I started simple and slowly added pattern and detail until I liked how things looked.  If you inspect carefully, it’s not the neatest line, but… it’s also not the messiest!







p.s. Ciburbanity has been nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie award in the Best Home Project & DIY Blog category- if you feel so inclined, please throw me a vote!  In this case, just being one of the top nominees will count for a lot as it will bring lots of new folks on over to check me out! Here’s the link:


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