A Step Ahead

I’ve unofficially decided to tackle some of the projects that have been sitting in our garage since the dawn of time.  This charming- and cheap- step stool was my first victim.


$8 at Goodwill.  Great shape.  Great construction.  A blank canvas.


I’ve been digging on my decoupage lately so wanted to get into a little mod podge for my steps.  Before any cutting and pasting could happen, though, I needed to book a date with my sander to get rid of Max.  Sorry, boy.


On one of my trips of Goodwill, I grabbed this old atlas with some decoupage in mind.


There’s no art to my decoupage and I probably could do it better to avoid the tiny wrinkles, but these steps seems smooth enough to me after a coat of mod podge.  I used my fingers to squeeze out any air. I’ll cover with a polycrylic to give it a little more protection, so that should help with the surface also.



Tracing the shape of the stool onto the paper.

For most of the steps, I used the map.  But I wanted a little something else, so for the smaller faces and the interior, I used this great wrapping paper I’d picked up before Christmas at TJ Maxx.



I gave it a coat of polycrylic and let it sit overnight.  For some finishing little embellishments, I looked through my craft bureau and played around with some other textures and materials: ribbon, beads, buttons…

DSC_2019Ultimately I was torn about adding anything at all, but I couldn’t resist a little sumthin’ sumthin’.  I grabbed this twine at Homegoods a while back and figured it would be small enough to withstand the little feet up and down, but still give a little finishing touch.


I used Elmer’s glue to add a border to the steps and finished off the corners with one of my buttons.



To clean it up a bit, I also colored over any bare patches with a gold pen so that none of the wood showed through.


Ready to give someone a leg up.





p.s. As many of you readers know, Ciburbanity is humbled to be up for an Apartment Therapy Homie award (yay!).  Ciburbanity is up for TWO categories: Home Projects and DIY (where most of the votes are coming in- thanks!!!), but the second category is the Family and Kids one.  If I can get all my voters to give me a shout out in both places, I could make it to the big league round next week!  I.e. if my 142+ votes in Home Projects where also in Family and Kids, I’d be the #4 blog!!! Smelling salts, please!



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