Balloon Rocket Man

What does it mean when I’m more excited about an activity than my moderately-feral 2 year-old? Probably that I’m, like, awesome.


Eleanor went to a birthday party the other day and came home with a balloon.  So Oliver wanted a balloon.  And then the balloon deflated, so now we have balloons all over the place.


Which reminded me of this link I saw on Pinterest about balloon rockets.  If there’s something Oliver’s into, it’s anything that moves fast.  Which includes (but is not limited to) balloon rockets.


The link above will really get into some details of the activity, but the quick and dirty is to get a straw, a balloon, some string, and some tape. (And a cup of coffee in a Zabar’s coffee cup to remind you of the good ol’ days in the city.)


I tied one end of the string to our patio door, threaded the straw, then tied the other end to the closet door.  This was one long rocket run.



Blow up the balloon, and tape it to the straw making sure not to release any air from your balloon.  (I used a bag clip to pinch the neck of the balloon so I had two free hands for taping, photographing, etc.)




After sufficient drum roll, I released the balloon to wild celebration from my middle child.  Or something like that.  I, for one, thought the whole thing was terrific.  Oliver was definitely into it.  Maybe not as much as his mother, but he was digging.







p.s. Todays’ the last day to cast your vote!  As many of you readers know, Ciburbanity is humbled to be up for an Apartment Therapy Homie award (yay!).  Ciburbanity is up for TWO categories: Home Projects and DIY (where most of the votes are coming in- thanks!!!), but the second category is the Family and Kids one.  If I can get all my voters to give me a shout out in both places, I could make it to the big league round next week!  I.e. if my 142+ votes in Home Projects where also in Family and Kids, I’d be the #4 blog!!! Smelling salts, please!



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