Snow Snow, Baby

20″.  What’s that like, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.


It’s too much for sledding, but not too much to be pulled on the sled.


It makes it tricky for poor Frank to do his business, if you get my drift.


I was reminded of my days digging our car out of snow plow drifts in the city.  And Mark dabbled with both a snow blower AND a roof rake, word.


Here’s how the backyard looked on Friday morning when we went out to try our hand at a snowman.  Just enough for some snow angels and a little sledding.




By Saturday morning, the yard looked a little different, but it was beautiful.  There aren’t many moments nowadays when the world around us is silent and calm, but the morning after a big snow is one of those times!  Here are a few shots around our house.




Incidentally, this is what our eldest daughter chose to wear on the morning of the biggest snow of the year. (And yes, those are underpants in her hand…)


After lunch, the sun was shining, and we ventured out for a walk down the street.


The wind was still kicking up some snow so Oliver wasn’t a happy camper, but once he could get out and walk, his happy personality resurfaced.  (All toddlers have some form of dual personality disorder, yes?)



Eleanor had no problem settling into her role as passenger on the snow chariot.



Sunday morning was a different story as 2/3 of my kids woke up on the wrong side of their snowy bed and had no interest in anything snow-related or otherwise.  (I googled around for kid swapping agencies, but didn’t come up with anything.)


What did we do while under Nemo’s house arrest?  Elephant’s toothpaste, microwaving some ivory soap, and puffy painting– all on request by Eleanor.  Martha just cruised around standing up wherever she could get a hold of something.


I, for one, love the snow and find it a lovely reward for the dreary chill of winter…don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling a little trapped and wishing my patio wasn’t covered with spots of yellow snow, but  otherwise it’s amazing.


Remember when you were a kid and nothing was more exciting than looking out your window to snow falling?  The anticipation of sledding and hot chocolate and the tired soggy feeling of coming in from an afternoon out in the snow?!


How did you all enjoy your weekend snow?




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