That’s So Fly (Swatter)

Last Friday’s snow day caught me off guard.  I had it in my head that the snow wasn’t starting until the afternoon, so I was banking on a quiet morning at home with just Oliver.  Instead… in the 4 seconds it took for me to pull up the school district’s web page, my quiet morning vaporized. I had to scramble for some team activities.  We’ve all been there… that moment when it’s clear you need to put on your parent hat and actually entertain your kids rather than hope they can fend for themselves.


Activity #1 was Elephant’s Toothpaste.  Oliver wasn’t home when we did it before, and Eleanor loved it.

Activity #2: Painting with random household objects.  (I’m pretty sure this is how Jackson Pollock started, by the way.)  I had these guys on hand from a trip to the dollar store.


We got set up at the kitchen table with large pieces of paper for everyone, and 3 wide/ flat tupperware containers for the paint.


Eleanor wanted to try the sponge first, and Oliver wanted the scrub brush.



Next was the basting brush and the microfiber sponge.



We saved the best for last: fly swatters.  This is not for the faint of heart as it does get a little gnarly (I saw a splatter of paint on a lampshade…).  I squirted a line of paint across the paper to keep it less ‘spattery’ and let the kids have at it.  How did I keep the paint on the paper?  I didn’t… it got all over the table and my kids, but a tablecloth and some smocks would have done the trick keeping it at bay.  Even still, a few minutes of cleanup after the fact and we’re good as new.




I can’t wait to do this activity again outside when the kids can be a little more hands-on with it all.  I’m also looking at everything as a possible paint brush!





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