A Taste of the Wild

There’s a section at the craft store that I can never resist: the unpainted wood objets (that’s not a typo, it’s French… I’m fancy that way.)  Months ago, I threw this in my cart for something like $3.


Fast forward to a few days ago, and there was a sale on One Kings Lane that I was digging.  Rather than spend the $69 on their tray, I dragged my unpainted one out of the craft dresser to have a whack at it.  This was one of the ones I liked:


Lucky for me, I had masses of my favorite green paint leftover from this painted chair.  The tray took about 3 coats of paint (I didn’t bother to prime it).


Now for the fun part: la décoration (again, french).  I was at a friend’s house recently and saw this amazing mural in her bathroom.  So I copied it.


The tray is roughly 8 1/2 x 11, so I started by sketching out the pattern just to practice drawing it out.  I had vague plans of cutting out the shapes and using my drawing as a template, but it was super easy to sketch free hand so I saved myself the hassle of all the cutting and tracing.


With a fine point gold marker, I drew the zebra-print pattern.



Then I went back with some gold acrylic paint… again, it took a few coats to make the gold nice and bright.



Finally, a few coats of Polycrylic (clear top coat) to protect the paint.  I love how it ties into the green chair and the kids chalk table both in our mostly blue and white family room.  It’s on our foyer table as a place to hold our mail.





Wild, right? (Get it… zebra print…)




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