I got on board the washi tape train this weekend.  For those of you who don’t obsess over crafts, washi tape is very pretty and very cool (basically colored masking tape).  Read this if you want more information than that! For my washi debut, I plagiarized copied this post verbatim.  For the crafters, you’ve surely seen this picture on Pinterest.  For the non-crafters, now you’re up to speed.

We had this Ikea table up in the attic, and I pulled it down for my washi experiment.  I figured the laminate finish would be better than wood, and it was an extra so no harm done if I had a washi catastrophe.


I ordered my tape here.  It came within a couple of days.


Before taping my table, I cleaned it extra well with Windex and used a straight blade to remove any leftover stickers, etc.

This thing took 30 minutes.  No joke.  I watched one episode of Watch What Happens Live.  I didn’t take any process shots because, well… I forgot.  But I’m confident in your imaginative abilities: I taped one strip at a time until I had covered the entire table.  Random color order; I didn’t use the dark green or the dark blue tape.


Looks way more interesting than plain Jane white laminate, right? And it works well with my refurbished industrial stool also!




I have plans to tweek our play room on the 3rd floor (see the House Tour page to see pictures), and this redo might fit well up there!






6 thoughts on “Washi-Wha?

  1. love! it looks like the cover of Dr. Seuss’ ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ book!
    ps- is this the table that was in the dining area in Brooklyn? you know, the one that you put down there and 10 minutes later was covered in stickers??

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