Moroccan Do It

Operation Tackle-All-My-Unfinished-Projects is well underway in the Ciburbanity house.  First this step stool, second my industrial flea market fixer upper, and then this unpainted tray… next victim, this amazing Moroccan table.


I stockpiled projects in the last weeks of my beloved flea market, and this was one of my spoils.  It’s so amazing, that I’ve been hesitant to tackle it because I don’t want to do it wrong.  There are some references online, but not many. (One of the ways I generate ideas is simple to type something into Google Images and peruse.)  Here are two pieces of inspiration I pinned to Pinterest that gave me a push in the right direction.

First step was to sand.  The top layer of stain/ paint came right off.


Next was a quick hit with some spray primer.  It’s freezing here in the Northeast so not spray paint weather.  For small pieces like this, I open up our bilco doors and close the basement door so I’m spraying outside where fumes can escape, but able to quickly whisk it back into the basement to dry where the temperature is well above freezing.  Not ideal, but it seems to be working.  (I’ve mentioned before, even with proper ventilation, basements are bad places for spray painting as they often have utilities with pilot lights.  Open flame + spray paint= bad idea.)


I don’t have a place in mind for this table, but I love refinished furniture in this lovely shade of aqua.  (The color doesn’t read well in this night-time shot…sorry.)


To add a little hit of interest, I painted the inside of each leg white.  Accentuates the curvature of the gams and all.


This color works well in our bedroom (and may be the exact color I chose for our bedside tables… hello, one trick pony).  Exact location, TBD.








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