Let Her Eat Cake

One year.  For me, that’s just a few more gray hairs, a deeper wrinkle between my eyebrows and maybe a new recipe for my crockpot.  But for Martha, it’s rolling over and laughing and eating and crawling and smiling and sleeping.  A lifetime of love and delight.


Yesterday was Martha’s 1st Birthday.  When Eleanor turned 1, all of our friends were in a similar situation with young kids, and it was a wonderful excuse for everyone to get together; spring day in Central Park… what more could you ask for.


When Oliver turned 1, our little Brooklyn apartment could only fit a select few so our closest friends and family helped celebrate.


Martha’s birthday fell on a Thursday so not an ideal day for a celebration, but I invited a few friends over for a playdate to enjoy her big day.  (Mostly so that Eleanor and Oliver would see that we were celebrating her birthday…) I’m confident that she’s soaking it all in.  Kind of.  Probably not.


Now to create a little bit of festivity…

I’d pinned this amazingly fun and simple birthday wreath ages ago, and this was the perfect  opportunity to recreate the birthday magic.  I followed her instructions pretty much to the letter, but grabbed a different wreath form and used more balloons than she did.  I also doubled up and pinned two balloons at a time to expedite the process.





Eleanor decorated the ‘1’.

For Oliver’s 1st birthday, I made this banner of adorable pictures for each month of the year.


I wanted to do the same for Martha.  At Michael’s getting the wreath form, I saw these guys in the sale aisle.  Perfect.

DSC_235912 cut out photos later and voila.



I have a box of old puffy paint collecting dust, so I figured these could add a nice little embellishment for each month.



18 helium balloons and a colorful birthday centerpiece is made.  For the record, balloons are all kids really need at a party.


Eleanor helped me make cupcakes during Martha’s morning nap.


Put it all together and Martha’s 1st Birthday Party was open for business!



Needless to say, she had no problem with her birthday cupcakes!



Having three children under 3 has had moments of madness, but this smiling face has been the one source of constant peace for us this past year. If she’s not sleeping, she’s smiling with rounded belly thrust forward and cheeks out to her ears. What a joy it must be to see the world with such pleasure and glee as our delicious 1 year-old Martha. Man, do I love her.




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