Curtain Call

I’m a big fan of window coverings.  They’re an easy way to bring in color and texture to a room.


Since we’ve been in the burbs, I’ve tried my hand at a few different window treatments.  The first, I would call an epic fail; the curtains are still hanging in the room, but it’s not my best work.  Even a little bit.


I redeemed myself a little bit with the Roman shades in the kids’ room (which I still love!) and the simple little fringed curtain in our master bathroom.



Our 3rd floor playroom has a beautiful big window which lets in a ton of wonderful light; problems arise when someone is sleeping in the day bed we have up there.  Recently, Eleanor’s been sleeping up there because her brother’s been sprung from the confines of his crib.  So, curtain time.


I found this sweet fabric at a store up the road (Fabric Factory Outlet).  Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either… $14 a yard.  Because of the bright and vibrant rug up there, I wanted something a little more subdued for the curtains.


As evidenced by my first set of curtains, I own a sewing machine, but the sewing machine owns me… if you know what I mean.  I couldn’t sew a straight line if my life depended on it.  For seams, this isn’t a big deal because that line is hidden, but for hems… my wobbly wiggle line is front and center.  So I joined the no-sew curtain movement and bought myself some hem tape.  It felt like cheating but it’s mad easy, yo.


From the top of the windows to the floor is 92″ so I cut my fabric 94″ long to allow for my hem taped hem.  (I used the existing width so no cutting needed there.)


The directions on the hem tape are pretty simple: iron on for a couple of seconds, remove the paper backing, fold over your fabric, and iron again for 6 seconds or so.


I should mention that the picture you are about to see is literally (literally) the first ironing board I have ever owned.  In my life.  I recognize that this makes me seem particularly unkempt or particularly polyester-y…


Fast forward about an hour, and I had hemmed all four edges of my two curtain panels.


One simple curtain rod from Home Depot, two packs of curtain hooks and… scene.  Done.




I loved that big open window, but these curtains make things cozy up there. And they let Eleanor sleep as late as she wants so there’s that too.  I had some leftover black out panels, so I simply clipped these underneath the stripes to block out a little more light.







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