What’s Old is New

Thirty years ago, my mother had the foresight to hoard away a select group of our toys.  These toys are now scattered around the sun room to the delight of my children every time we visit.




I should note, that these toys are also top on eBay’s list too… a mint condition Fisher Price Clubhouse goes for  $150 and the castle $180.  Probably not going to get them that vacation house in Boca, but not bad for a colorful piece of plastic.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.55.03 PM

Looking around the buckets and bins and baskets of toys in my house, I couldn’t begin to tell you which ones I might deem legit enough to save.  I’m so thrilled to get rid of something the kids have outgrown that those items have a one-way ticket to Goodwill-ville.  I give the woman credit!


Martha likes these toys because she can use any of them for standing practice.


And, they are big enough not to be choking hazards, but still fit pretty well into her mouth.


Oliver likes anything that involves his grandfather.  (Look at that adoring gaze!)


Eleanor hasn’t left the suitcase of doll clothes she unearthed.  For anyone who wonders where I get my DIY genes… it’s my mother.  I’m blogging about using hem tape to make a set of curtains and she’s sewing dresses like this FOR OUR DOLLS.  Um yeah, that’s dedication.


What else have my kids been up to?  Well it’s Virginia, so there’s no snow and it’s above freezing, so they spent an hour or so in the playhouse my parents put in last year.  This play house, by the way, is pretty much the reason why we up and went suburban.  Watching our kids run back and forth across the lawn to this playhouse (without adult supervision) was a little hint of what it might be like to get out of the city.



For their anniversary last year, I made my folks this sign. It’s definitely the #1 vacation destination for the Smith children.  (They don’t get out much.)


There’s also enough room to really go after the plasma car.


In general, everything is better at Gammy and Poppy’s!







4 thoughts on “What’s Old is New

  1. That playhouse rocks!!! Too bad I don’t have room for something like that in my backyard ;-( Funny you mention how your mom saved your toys…my mom did the same! She brought my son home one day with my all-time fave…my monchhichi!! lol!

  2. My mom saved all the old Fisher Price toys as well… a favorite with my kids when we visit! Like you, I cannot fathom saving anything, as I am excited the moment the opportunity presents itself to Goodwill it! Have a wonderful visit!

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