Flying Solo

Mark and I left the kids with my parents and skipped town.  We haven’t done that since Oliver was 6 months old…it’s been a while.  I considered keeping this little jaunt to myself as I know what a complete and utter luxury and privilege it is for us, but… being away now has a completely different set of vacation data points than it did B.K. (Before Kids) so why not pop them up on the ol’ blog.


We left from separate corners- Mark from NYC and me from my folks in DC- and met up with friends in L.A. We used Mastercard miles and I take full credit for the vacation.  (Amazon Prime… you’re welcome.)

Here’s the thing.  When kids aren’t in tow, it doesn’t take much to be relaxed!  I’m not telling you parents anything you don’t already know, but it’s incredible how a middle seat for 6 hours, no leg room, and a flat ginger ale can seem like the Four Seasons.  Kinda sorta.  I watched Dances With Wolves on my phone.


I won’t bore you with the daily itinerary of our get away, but I did try to snap a picture any time I was doing something that hadn’t been done for a while.  Like this: approximate East Coast time at which we were waking up each morning.


Here, the notable point isn’t that you can see my toes (or that they’re painted), but it’s the book. I’m reading a book. A real live book!


And this is not only a decadent and delicious meal (that was prepared by someone ELSE), but it’s hot.  And I’m about to eat it.  While it’s still hot.


Comics.  The New York Times doesn’t have them in all their hilarious glory.


This is my SECOND cup of coffee.  (Also still hot, for the record.)


I’ll admit to not actually going in the water (still a little on the chilly side), but it’s uncovered and blue and beautiful.  Just sitting in close proximity to this bad boy is worth whatever miles we had to use with American Airlines.


These shoes have not been on my feet since this occasion.  On the reals.


This is the Sunday New York Times.  And I read like 4 sections.  Everyone in the wedding section? SO young.  Which makes me old.


In the genre of other amazing things that happened on our weekend getaway, we stopped for a late lunch at a fish taco/ burrito stand on the beach.  NOthing about that restaurant would have worked for our kids: fish… nope.  Taco… nope.  On the beach… would have been ugly.


Oh, and did I mention that I love my husband so the chance to have like 5″ alone with him was heavenly! Not to mention that neither of us blew a nose, screwed in a sippy cup, or negotiated with toddler terrorists for 72 whole hours.




Also, we saw Batman. No idea who he might be talking to, but I’m pretty sure he’s an iPhone guy.



5 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. Charlotte,
    I am so happy or you and your husband to get away, what a wonderful refreshment that provides for you as a couple and as a mom.
    I am from So Cal so just wondering what pier you are standing on? It all looks wonderful and warming me up on this 30 degree (with windchill feeling 11 degree) in No Virginia.

      • I grew up there and it was very hard to leave, my girls were 5 and 2 when we left, jumped into Houston, TX for 5 years then ended up in Arlington. I forever miss the beach and any chance I get I am there. The beaches on the east coast are much different. I do like the beach grass though, just not all the junk food.

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