Glowing Retro

At 4:30 p.m. EST, Mark and my mini-vacation came to an end. Wanna know the best part?  Coming home to kids ALWAYS makes the end of a vacation worth it.  Assuming no one needs to read about my day on AA Flight 240, I thought I’d write up an activity I did with Oliver before we left Connecticut.


The end result of this little experiment has so many possibilities that I wasn’t going to post about it immediately, but my vacation lack of planning is your gain.  I stumbled across this blog via Pinterest and have found LOTS of fun ideas there (including this one).  Grab some non-toxic highlighters to start.  The one material needed for this that you probably won’t have is a black light.  (If you DO happen to have a black light, I want to know why…you’re obviously cooler than I am.)  I got one on Amazon for $20 because I’m retro that way.


Pull the back off the highlighter and remove the foamy ink tube.


Oliver did some coloring with the other highlighter while he was waiting.  That in and of itself was an activity for him; he loved his new fancy bright marker.


Drop the ink-filled foam into a jar and fill with water.


Bring it into a dark room with your black light and amaze your child.  Or spin the bottle with some Led Zeppelin playing in the background.


What else did I want to do with my glowing highlighter water?  Taking a bath in glowing water would be super fun.  Mixing different glowing colors?  Very cool.  Seeing what happens when it’s diluted could be an interesting experiment.  I’ll think on it and maybe you’ll see another glow water post in the future!




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