T.V. Time

Confession.  I watch a lot of really, reeeeaaaaallllly bad television.  It’s my mindless pleasure.  My only excuse is that usually I’m doing a couple of things while I’m watching so the inaner, the better. Below is maybe the only show I couldn’t stomach; oh, I’ve watched it, but not for long.


My only two ‘critically acclaimed’ shows are Downton Abbey and my latest reason to subscribe to Hulu Plus: Scandal.  I’ve seen your Facebook posts lately, people and I’m catching up to you.  On a related note, it’s possible that I could stare at Kerry Washington’s face for a week: flaw-to-the-less.


I’m one of the four remaining people still watching Survivor and Amazing Race.  Mostly to count how many double pocket blue shirts Probst can wear in any one season.  “C’mon in, guys.”  I’d like to be on the production crew one day.

250px-Survivor.borneo.logo jeff-probst-cbs-250

Now for the shows I mumble when telling the names.  In no particular order of shame.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette.  Obviously my sanity seems much less debatable when watching either of these shows, but I also love to remind myself of the real live actual love that I have with my husband.  Believe it or not, it rarely involves rappelling down the side of a building or paragliding to demonstrate our trust in each other. Also, do they really do their own hair?  How are they all so good at it?!


Watch What Happens Live.  It’s a silly 30 minutes that makes me chuckle.  Andy Cohen could be your college roommate sitting up there in his dorm room, but somehow they’ve given him half an hour to play games and drink cocktails with celebrities.  Genius, no?


Housewives.  Yes, that implies all of them.  Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, Miami, New Jersey… The appeal?  Where do I start?  The instability of a team of grown women throwing down in public with confidence makes any afternoon seem a little zestier.  The total lack of self awareness is another source of humor; insight is not their strong suit.  I’m also secretly amazed at the ability to have an outfit and a hairstyle for everything from a pedicure to a sushi dinner to a tandem bike ride…  they always have something at the ready.


There you have it.  The best of my worst.

We’re finally back in no-longer-snowy Connecticut so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back with a more normal post!




7 thoughts on “T.V. Time

  1. Oh, you are not alone.
    I am with you on not being able to stomache Jersey Shore, but I am totally guilty of watching a) too much reality TV, and b) just plain bad shows. I love contest shows (The voice, SYTYCD, DWTS) and historicals a la American Restoration, American (Canadian) Pickers, and most recently American Digger… Ya, I have a problem.

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