A Reminder From the Universe

I needed a little reminder.  I love how independent my kids are around the house, but I forgot how much pleasure we all get when I put the iPhone aside, stop cleaning the kitchen or folding the laundry, leave my projects aside… and just sit and play with them. Not an activity or a project, but plopped-on-the-floor, making-silly-voices, and imagining-the-world play.


This morning, the game involved Oliver’s parking garage, his trucks of the day, and this dog Eleanor brought back from my folks.  (Victoria’s Secret, only the classiest for my gal.)


The gist?  The dog sliding down the ramp and then the trucks rolling under the dog.  Full throttle belly laughs.



Why this set up and these toys?  I’ll never know, but it was one of those moments as a mom when the stars align and you realize what a gift and a privilege it is to be home with your children to witness belly laughs because a lingerie dog was sliding down the parking ramp.





p.s. What does it look like when the clouds part and peace washes over the independent play time?
Exhibit A: They’re playing “Sick.”



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