Welcome to Ciburbanity! (Ci [city]-burb [suburb]-anity [sanity])

After 10 years cruising the big bad streets of New York City, my family and I have up and gone suburban.  I think the decision to leave the urb for the burb has been hardest on me (my husband was humoring me with this city business for years) so this blog will be a suburban diary, record book, and sounding board.  We have three hilarious kids: Eleanor (3.5), Oliver (2) and Martha (1). They love having a backyard and a playroom and a garage and a patio… so they’re REALLY the reason for the move.  But I’ll do my best to remind them all that they have city roots.

Last family pic as city residents. Taken in Brooklyn looking back at downtown NYC.

We also have a golden retriever-ish dog named Frank.  He’s a rescue.  We mostly love him, but he’s recently figured out how to break out of our backyard so he’s on our time-out list.

Part of our move to the suburbs also meant I left my job as a school counselor behind in the city, so I’m also going through some stay-at-home mom anxst.  But… we have some amazing friends out here and I know that I’m not alone with all of these city-suburb adjustments!

The exciting part of the move is that I get to really indulge my DIY side and my Craigslist obsession as we continue to fix up our oooooold Connecticut abode.  We bought the house in 2010 from an older woman who had pretty much deferred all maintenance on the joint for the last 10 years.  Good news for us as we like ourselves a project, but bad news for the ol’ checking account as we had to tackle the completely boring, but necessary, jobs like a new roof, waterproofing the basement, etc.  The move to the suburbs allows us a little more cashola (and time!) to put into this place.  I’ll try and write about any projects that I can as there’s always something on my to do list!

I also get to do all the many craft projects with the kids that our tiny apartment in the city never allowed.  So, there are definitely beaucoup advantages to this whole suburban living thing, but it might take me a little while to completely shake my urban adoration!




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlotte
    I love your writing style and reading all that you and your family are doing. I think you’d be so curious to see my niece, Susanna Salk’s blog, http://www.susannasalk.com She has done several books—the latest is Be Your Own Decorator. She would applaud all that you are doing.
    When we visited your parents’ house, I marveled at the sweet sign you made on the playhouse!
    Love from your Cousin Katharine Harding

    • Thank you, Katharine! You’re nice to read it. 🙂 I think Mum has put me in touch with Susanna’s blog and I’m always in awe of folks who can take these things to the next level as it seems a blog is a dime a dozen! I had forgotten you visited VA. Much love, Charlotte

  2. Hey Charlotte! I’ve been following your posts for a few months now- my friend Rebecca forwarded one because we both live/lived in Brooklyn Heights and made the move to Connecticut. Not to be creepy but I’m moving from the Heights (Remsen St) to Easton (mentioned in this very post!) and I wondered if we could chat one day.

    I’m slightly freaked out by the transition and your posts have really shown me the bright side of it all 🙂


    • Not creepy at ALL! Clearly you can tell I was in shock by the move. 🙂 What I CAN say is that it’s been absolutely the right decision for our family despite how much I miss the city. Happy to chat any time!! When do you move? Easton is beautiful! I’ll send you an email now so you have my contact info.
      Good luck…

  3. Yes, I did get the sense that there was a nugget of shock in there- which is exactly how I’m feeling. Does the sun continue to rise without access to a Promenade? 🙂 anyway more on that offline via email, thanks so much again. I’ll keep an eye out for your message

  4. Love this site! Easy to relate to as we just moved to the “less dusty, quieter” streets of Manchester MA from Venice Beach CA! A big change but loving it!

  5. Thanks to your mom and to your husband who tutored me on a fancy SWC spreadsheet, I’ve now enjoyed your wonderful blog (and voted for you as well). Love what you’ve done with your house but mostly love your writing style. I’ll be sharing with my daughter-in-law who has recently moved to the burbs in California.

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